For the organization, packing, and disposition of your loved one's belongings
My divorce was a difficult and painful one. I needed
you to help me pack and move out of my 5,000 sq. ft.
home.  You arrived ready to work and packed the entire
home while I went in front of you  sorting what I was
keeping and throwing out. You packed it all: house,
Garage and Patio, all while I vented about my soon be

Thanks for listening,
S. Lewis
San Martin, California
When my sister passed away I was devastated and
overwhelmed. I called for Pat’s help. When she arrived, I
sensed her control of the situation and immediately felt
some relief. She packed my sister’s house and Garage,
hauled away the debris, cleaned, painted and listed it for
sale. Pat took a huge weight off my shoulders

M.B. Lane
Los Gatos, California

For immediate assistance, please contact us;  
HELP liquidation providers  or phone: 408.309.2251  
This sounds weird, but in between being hit like a
frying pan by the sadness of the estate sale, I kinda
had fun with you and David, and Manny too. It was
really nice to have such a difficult activity punctuated
by fun conversation and some giggles.  You are
good at what you do, and your crew is so hard
working and sweet.  I'm glad I found you.... hope you
had some fun too.

San Francisco Bay Area, California
We attended one of your sales this past weekend
and picked up your flyer.  We'd like to compliment
you on the organization, cleanliness and helpful
staff at the sale.

M. Wiskow
S. Strommer
San Francisco Bay Area, California

Thank you from all
of us for your continued
hard work, enthusiasm,
and determination.  
It is very much

After my Dad passed away, my mother became very
depressed and the condition of her three houses suffered
from neglect and deterioration. The whole situation was out
of control Pat helped us to clean them up, haul away years of
accumulated debris and remove abandoned vehicles. Then
she arranged for repairs to the houses including new roofs,
painting, landscaping, interior renovations and remodeled
Kitchens and Bathrooms. Now my Mom’s surroundings are
attractive, clean, orderly and cheerful and the quality of her
life has improved immeasurably. She couldn’t and wouldn’t
have done any of this without Pat’s help and initiative.

D. Tomovic
San Jose, California
I had a small place in Los Gatos which was temporary but allowed me to put my
two sons in Los Gatos schools. When my father became ill and too much for my
Mom to handle, I asked for your help. Pat, you and my mom found us the perfect
house, large enough for me, my kids, parents and exactly 1 mile from Chicago
Steak & Fish. We left for work and school by the end of the day, when we
arrived from school everything was unpacked, beds made, clothes hung, TVs
and computers hooked up. Shortly after my mom moved in my dad passed
away and we asked for your help again. You went to my Parent’s home, packed
everything, including the plumbing tools from my Dad’s business. You were a
lifesaver, working fast and tirelessly. Most importantly you were very sensitive
with my Mom at a very sad time in her life.

Thank You,
T. Jillo
Los Gatos, California
Thanks for the wonderful support and follow-up. This is a quality
I've rarely seen in others and appreciate it a lot especially that I
am in bed and gives me a sense of relief.

San Francisco Bay Area, California